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Throne and Frederick Genealogy

family Tree Welcome to the Throne family web page

The main surnames of our family are Balser, Dixon, Frederick, Throne.

Below are links to the pages for each surname, click on the picture link on the left to go to that page.
There are links at the bottom of this page for pictures of family members, grave markers, birth marriage and death certificates, and obituaries.

Balser Ancestors

The Balser family surnames:Balca, Burki, Balser, Eymann, Sutter, Katona, Koch, Motzko, Liechti, Oesch,

Stahly, Valentin Wagler.

Dixon Ancestors  The Dixon family surnames:Capstick, Dixon, Hartley, Jackman, Johnson, Lawson, Laythem, Lindsey, Mason, Morphet, Oversby, Parker, Pollard, Preston, Procter, Rigg, Robinson, Taylor, Willian, and Wright.

Frederick Ancestors  The Frederick family surnames: Frederick Nuber, Roth.

Throne Ancestors  The Throne family surnames:Balduf, Bauman, Clever, Finken, Frost, Ferguson, Goss, Hartman, Jung, Throne,Toll

I would like to thank: My son for all of the technical help he provided to get this site on line. My wife for putting up with all the hours

I spend on genealogy. My Mom who got me started in genealogy. And my grandson who helped with the site. 

I have not verified everything on our Family Tree so Corrections, Additions and Comments are Welcomed

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